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Get Control of Food

Diet App Site
Title: Diet App – Personalized Nutrition Explorer
Optimize your dietary choices with Diet App, featuring:
• Food Compass algorithm to scan, search, and score food items based on nutritional value.
• Dietary Reference Intake calculator to assess your nutritional needs.
• Personalized food matching and meal planning, including recipe evaluation.

Make informed dietary decisions and achieve a healthier lifestyle with Diet App.

MyHealth App Site
Title: MyHealth App – Your Comprehensive Digital Health Companion
Manage and enhance your health journey with MyHealth App:
• Integrate historical medical records, wearables, and devices for a holistic health overview.
• Connect with healthcare providers, pharmacies, and labs for seamless healthcare management.
• Capture and analyze dietary data, including ingredients and nutrients per UPC.
• Schedule in-person or telehealth visits with built-in insurance reimbursement support.

MyHealth App empowers you to take control of your health and wellbeing.

Market App Site
Title: Market App – Shop Healthy, Shop Sustainably
Discover a healthier, more sustainable way to shop with Market App:
• Browse products with nutritional scores and environmental footprints.
• Purchase reloadable debit and gift cards for constrained spending.
• Choose from pickup and delivery options for a seamless shopping experience.

Make informed purchasing decisions with Market App, promoting personal and planetary health.

Farmer/Grower App Site
Title: Farmer/Grower App – Connecting Growers and the Community
A platform designed for farmers and growers to promote regenerative agriculture:
• Onboard and track growing methods, yields, and products.
• Integrate with Market App for B2B and B2C sales opportunities.
• Contribute to a healthier food system and support local communities.

Join the Farmer/Grower App community and be part of the regenerative agriculture movement.

SoilMate App Site
Title: SoilMate App – Fostering Collaboration in Regenerative Agriculture
Connect with landholders, farmers, and educators to steward healthy, food-producing lands:
• Matchmaking service for regenerative agriculture needs, such as land, labor, and equipment.
• Promote collaboration and resource-sharing within the regenerative agriculture community.

Join the SoilMate App and contribute to a healthier, more resilient planet.